Cold sores treatment remedies

Cold sore treatments and finding your cure

What are Cold Sores?

Cold sores are a very common and highly contagious viral infection (Up to 80% of the entire population carry the virus) and is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1).

The condition is characterized by groups of fluid-filled blisters which appear on red swollen areas of the skin or on the mucus membranes. the areas can be very tender and it can be a very painful experience especially a coldsore on the lips.                 

Treatment varies and finding the right coldsore remedy can be hit and miss, but the blisters will heal eventually regardless of which remedy or treatment you choose and mostly without scarring but will always reoccur periodically for the rest of your life.

The virus lies dormant (inactive) in the nerves at the junction of skin and mucous membranes. Every now and then the dormant viruses become active and this is what causes those large cold sores on the lips. The onset of the dreaded outbreak is first felt as a tingling sensation in the area followed by the raising and subsequent blistering of the skin.

The sores will become covered by scabs that will typically, fall off after 10 to 12 days. The virus is extremely infectious and you can spread it to others until the sores are completely covered by scabs but it is not recommended you kiss or have oral sex with anyone till the sores are completely healed.

The thoughts of getting an oral sore on your lips can is very distressing and is on the whole a very unpleasant experience not only for you but for your family and spouse no kissing etc can leave the person with the outbreak feeling a little out in the cold and can give your esteem a bit of a set back till they heal.

And while unfortunately you will never get rid of the cold sore virus from your body,, you will be able to keep it under control by reducing the frequency of attacks to the point of almost never getting an outbreak again.

Also if you dont feel like changing your lifestyle there are many new electronic products on the market that use light or heat or a combination of the two to zap cold sores as soon as you feel that tingle.

The virus can only be transmitted by close personal contact such as5kissing and unprotected sex

The virus usually though is passed on in early childhood when someone is kissed by a person such as a family member, with an active cold sore. The virus goes through the skin and travels up the nerve, where it will lie dormant until triggered.

Attacks can be triggered by...           .

  • fatigue, tiredness and lack of sleep .
  • colds or other viruses that weaken the body's defenses. 
  • strong sunlight and cold winds.
  • (Always put a high factor Lip balm on lips when going out in high sunlight, and try to wear a wide brimmed hat .)
  • emotional upset.
  • menstrual periods.
  • when the body is run down etc
  • Stress to the body.
  • Your immune system is low.

Triggers can be different for each individual.

Also getting cold sores can mean your immune system is not functioning up to speed so getting fit and staying fit this will boost your immune system and keep you more healthy and ultimately you should see a sharp decrease in the frequency of your attacks.

Some complications from cold sores...

  • The sores may become infected by bacteria.
  • If the condition spreads to the eyes, it can damage vision.
  • In atopic dermatitis sufferers , the cold sores can, in rare cases, spread to larger parts of the body.
  • Very large cold sores can be a sign that another disease, pneumonia or HIV for example, has weakened the body's defenses.
  • The main thing to remember is ALWAYS wash your hands after treating/touching the infected area.
  • Never kiss anyone (this is how baby's get infected and there is nothing worse than seeing a baby with a cold sore) so remember, No kissing!
  • If you can resist, never pop a cold sore. if you must, then be ultra careful because that clear liquid is teaming with the HSV-1 virus and is very infectious.

How to help your body fight the coldsore virus.

Use a small personal tube of toothpaste that only you use during the virus attack and discard after the cold sore has gone.

Also avoid arginine-rich foods such as, cola, peas, chocolate, beer, grain cereals, peanuts, gelatin, and cashew nuts.

Relaxation techniques can go a long way in the relief of stress and not only keep your mental state on a even keel but will also help your body to help itself.

Pictures of Cold Sores

Definition of Cold sore 

Cold sore .. noun ..

cold sores .. plural

An inflamed blister in or near the mouth, caused by infection with the herpes simplex virus.

other web definitions.

Herpes labialis (also known as "Orolabial herpes") is an infection of the lip by herpes simplex virus. In many cases, it causes small blisters or sores on or around the mouth that are commonly known as cold sores or fever blisters, and is a result of the Herpes Simplex 1 virus, which is contagious when active and can be also be transmitted to the genitals and other body parts

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